Would Power Corrupt Newt Gingrich?

Responding to today's post on Newt's relationship to evangelicals, commenter "stefanstackhouse" writes:

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Responding to today's post on Newt's relationship to evangelicals, commenter "stefanstackhouse" writes:

I wonder if Newt would have lived the same life, with the multi-marriages and all that, if he had just labored away as an obscure history prof? Wasn't it the power that both went to his head and became the trophy wife magnet? This being the case, how wise is it, really, for such a person to either seek the most powerful office in the world, or for us to place him in it?

We're reminded of The Atlantic's October magazine piece about sex scandals and the press, which hashes out the ever-ongoing debate around whether the press should examine a candidate's personal (marital) failings. We spend a lot of time thinking about candidates' personal lives, and the commentariat is busy wondering how important Gingrich's past would be in a general election.

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