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Gloria Cain won't do any more interviews to support her husband, but she will let herself be named "the National Chairperson for 'Women for Cain,'" an unusual new website launched to show the Republican presidential candidate still has strong support among female voters. "From Team HC: Now women can stand with Mr. Cain's wife, Gloria, to support Herman Cain!," his campaign tweeted, with "true conservatives on Twitter" hashtag.

Avid female Cain fans are invited to write their own testimonial -- and next to it, post their photos, which give the site just the teeniest bit of a look like a singles dating site. (Some photos are sassy, others are from their 1974 high school yearbook.) And as Talking Points Memo's Benjy Sarlin notes, not all of the women are sticking to a positive message, even though the campaign appears to be curating the posts. And curiously, given that Cain said he'd drop out of the race only if his wife wants him to, many of the Women for Cain's messages are directed at Gloria Cain -- encouraging her to stand by her man. Some tell Gloria Cain her husband is the victim of no-good women:

But she needs to stay strong:

Some offer explanations for the phone record trail Cain left with Ginger white:

From Tusla, Oklahoma's Debbie Stevens-Paulsen, a long testimonial of faith in the candidate:

Hang in there, Gloria!

But The Daily Beast's Allison Samuels reports that Gloria Cain is not all that excited about standing by her man. Samuels writes that friends close to the family say the Cains haven't always been all that close -- even living in separate residences at times. She quotes a friend:  “It never felt like a real marriage when I was around them... Mostly he was always gone and his wife seemed to be OK with it. Not being together seemed the norm for their marriage, and Gloria didn’t seem to mind. His kids didn’t seem to mind either." Gloria wants her husband to quit the race, but fears he won't, she reports:

Sources close to the campaign say Gloria Cain wants her husband to leave the race and has no desire to do additional interviews about their marriage or the constant accusations. They describe a woman angry that her life has been turned upside down by her husband’s need for attention and power by any means.

“She hated doing that interview defending him on Fox but felt pressured to do it by him and the campaign,’’ says a campaign worker. “She doesn’t want to be forced to do that again because she knows he’s had girlfriends for many years. She just looked the other way. But if he won’t get out of the race, she may have to.’’

Perhaps this site is their compromise.

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