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President Obama spoke in the White House briefing room today, once again urging Congress to extend this year's payroll tax cut into 2012. Obama reiterated arguments he's been making for weeks that the payroll tax cut must be extended to help the economy grow and continue bringing relief to the middle class. He also criticized Republicans for pledging to never raise taxes, yet seemingly reversing their position when it comes to middle class tax hikes. "It doesn’t make sense," he said.

As they awaited the speech, political reporters griped about the delay, which threatens to become a habit for the White House. "2 minute warning was 3 minutes ago. Still no Obama," tweeted Business Insider's Zeke Miller. "Need Obama to come out and speak...postponing lunch and my stomach is starting to rebel," tweeted The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza. It appears someone was busy rewriting the speech since a few minutes after one aide put the president's notes on the podium, another aide emerged to take them back as the room of reporters chuckled. Obama didn't take any questions after concluding his brief remarks, (again, much to the annoyance of the press corp.)

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