Third Wife's the Charm for Newt

Newt and Callista Gingrich's romance gets the typical People treatment that the magazine gives all celebrities who should be out of the spotlight already.

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Newt and Callista Gingrich's romance gets the typical People treatment that the magazine gives all celebrity relationships that should be out of the spotlight already. In its latest issue, we learn that Newt's third marriage is going quite well, that he's "had to learn a lot about having had failed relationships," and that he and Callista love each other so much that it might hurt his campaign. Politico's Alexander Burns excerpts the profile from the next issue of People, which is clearly Newt's latest campaign effort to prop up the good-husband image he destroyed after his first two marriages ended so adulterously.

Their togetherness has vexed some staffers worried about Newt’s time, but he insists, “You have to slow down to really be with each other.”

Newt, 68, is aware that some voters may judge him for two failed marriages, both of which involved infidelity.  “He admits he made mistakes, and he asked for God’s forgiveness,” says daughter Jackie Gingrich Cushman, 45, echoing a sentiment Newt expressed in debates.  Asked if she forgives him, she says, “I do.  We all moved on.  Obviously it was a very difficult time.”  She is now close to Callista, whom she calls a good influence on her dad, and offers an example:  “He now shares his calamari.  It’s a silly thing, but he’s more relaxed.”

Apparently, you can only have some of Newt Gingrich's calamari if he's in a good mood. Fair warning, America.

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