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At least you can say this about Ron Paul: he puts this money where his gold-loving mouth is. According to Total Return, The Wall Street Journal's finance blog, the ultra-consistent ultra-libertarian invests a eye-popping 64 percent of his moneys in the stocks of gold and silver companies. One investment manager interviewed by The Journal said of Paul's investment strategy, "This portfolio is a half-step away from a cellar-full of canned goods and nine-millimeter rounds." We'll say: in a sense it's banking on the economy crumbling and people be rushing to buy gold. Or maybe Paul's just banking on the (now slightly more likely) chance of him becoming president: in a 2007 interview he said, "I wouldn't exactly go back on the gold standard, but I'd legalize the Constitution where gold and silver could and should be legal tender." Now that would make gold-mining stock valuable.

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