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Mitt Romney criticized President Obama today for planning a trip to Hawaii (where he grew up) for the holidays, but The Boston Globe's Glen Johnson points out that Romney himself vacationed in Hawaii just last Christmas. Romney said in a tele-town hall with Iowa voters today:

"He told Congress that they needed to stay in session and pass his tax break for the payroll tax and they shouldn’t leave for vacation until they did that, and yet he is going off for 17 days for golf in the sun."

Romney's obvious defense against hypocrisy here would be that he wasn't president of the United States during his Hawaii trip so he didn't have quite as much on his plate. But then, in  August, Romney criticized Obama for vacationing on Martha's Vineyard even though Romney was headed to the island for a fundraiser at the same time, taking the oomph out of his populist jab. With that in mind, it's really beginning to sound like Romney just doesn't like it when the president steals all his vacation destinations.

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