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In a new campaign ad running in Iowa, Rick Perry seeks to capitalize on the anti-momentum he got when he struggled to remember which federal agency he'd cut in a televised debate. In the ad, flagged by Politico, he airs footage of the painful moment, then supplies us with the department he missed (Energy) and then he says:

You know we've all lost our train of thought before, but not many have done it on national TV. Now, if you want a slick debater I'm obviously not your guy. But if you want a clean house in Washington with a balanced budget amendment, a flat tax, and a part time Congress, I'm your man. I'm Rick Perry a -- What's that line again? I'm Rick Perry and I approve this message. 

Haha, good one Rick Perry. Remember, we're laughing with you at that last joke. With you ... Perry, who's already joked about his "Oops" moment with David Letterman, will be on Jay Leno tonight, Politico reports, and will run the ad before and after his appearance in Iowa's media markets. 

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