Now This Is the Way to Suspend a Campaign (Herman Cain Dept)

I was listening in a place where I couldn't take notes, so this is paraphrase till I get a transcript. But, three extraordinary moments at the end of Herman Cain's "suspension" speech just now:

1) His inspirational closing quote was not from Theodore Roosevelt ("man in the arena...") or Vince Lombardi ("it doesn't matter how many times you get knocked down ...") or Joel Osteen or Tony Robbins or Billy Graham but from ... the Pokémon movie? Truly it is a great time to be alive. And apparently this is part of his standard reference.

2) His "here is what it all means" big-finish rhetorical conclusion was, "And I will never apologize for the United States of America!" Damn right! And darn tootin'. Because that was what all the hubbub was really about these past few weeks.

3) To his credit, he works "God bless" and "America" into his his final line, but he avoids combining them in the most cliched way.

As always, The Onion outdoes the rest of the commentariat:


I am going to miss him.