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Ron Paul hasn't been able to move past the story of the racist stuff written under his name in the 1990s -- the Des Moines Register is demanding that he answer more questions, a Jon Huntsman ad highlights all the worst quotes -- so a pro-Paul PAC is taking the logical next step: having a black person testify that Paul isn't racist. Revolution PAC has released a video featuring James Williams telling the moving story of how racist hospital staff wouldn't help him when his wife was sick until "Ron Paul came to the rescue."

Williams explains, "It was between 1972 and '73, but there was still a lot of prejudice in this area. My wife was sick and I was trying to get some attention for her. Nobody came to check. They just left her there. Well I believe i was left there because of... me being black and her being white." The nurses wouldn't help him, one even called the police, "but then Ron Paul came to the rescue." The Williamses' baby was stillborn, but Paul promised to pay their medical bills. And Paul did, Williams says. 

Williams' story is really, really sad, and it shows how racial prejudice can hurt people beyond offensive jokes. It doesn't make sense that Paul could see what happened to the Williams family and then allow the same ugly ideas to be promoted under his name two decades later. Huntsman's ad, called "Unelectable," picks out some of the worst things written in Paul's newsletters -- that 95 percent of black men in Washington are criminals, that Martin Luther King was a "pro-communist philanderer." Paul's fans hope actions speak louder than words.

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