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Barney Frank has never been known for looking put together, but his outfit for his speech on the House floor Monday is attracting a bit of internet attention for being notably ... frightening. Frank's light blue T-shirt, as captured by Business Insider's Zeke Miller, doesn't do quite enough to disguise his nipples, and politically (and otherwise) minded folks on Twitter are having some fun at the expense of the Massachusetts congressman, who last month announced his plan to retire. "Eye napalm!" joked the HuffPostHill account. "Did they turn off the heat?" asks a former Ted Kennedy staffer. We think Bloomberg's Joshua Green probably best verbalized our reaction with the simple "GAH!" Don't let it get to you, Frank, (we know you won't.) In retirement, you can wear whatever you like.

Update: It turns out that Frank had a very good reason to go onto the House floor in nontraditional attire. His office notes that he was wearing a bandage after surgery on his left hand that cannot make it through a suit jacket sleeve. On Monday, he did not plan on making a public appearance, but was asked on short notice to help manage a bill on the House floor. The borrowed jacket-over-T-shirt look was an attempt under the circumstances to "dress as decently as he could."  

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