Watch the Six Most Memorable Moments of the GOP Debate

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The draw of all these Republican debates is the chance to see how the candidates act unscripted, and Tuesday night we learned that under pressure, some forget their name while others spill state secrets. We've collected the best video clips from the foreign policy-focused event, hosted by CNN and two conservative think tanks.

Mitt Romney forgets his name
When Wolf Blitzer introduced himself at the start of the debate, he said, "I'm Wolf Blitzer, and yes, that's my real name" -- a reference to a joke dates back at least to a Saturday Night Live skit from the first Gulf War. But Romney thought that was pretty funny, so when it was his turn to introduce himself, he said, "I'm Mitt Romney and yes, Wolf, that's also my first name." Except it isn't! It's Willard.

Michelle Bachmann releases state secrets?
When Bachmann said Pakistan had 15 vulnerable nuclear sites, and six had been been attacked by terrorists, National Journal's Yochi J. Dreazen noticed that no public official has ever revealed those attacks before. Bachmann sits on the House Intelligence Committee -- did she reveal classified information? It's not a great sign for Bachmann that the alternative theory is that she's made those figures up, as she has a history of making factually inaccurate statements. Update: Actually, we now know that the statement was accurate ... because it came from Jeffrey Goldberg and Marc Ambinder's recent cover story in The Atlantic that and her line that Pakistan is "too nuclear to fail."  Here is Goldberg's explanation of how their work became a Bachmann debate talking point.

Rick Santorum explicitly says he's for profiling of Muslims at airports.

Herman Cain forgets Wolf Blitzer's name
When Blitzer asked Cain whether he'd adopt profiling policy like Santorum, Cain responded, "No Blitz, that's oversimplifying it." Ron Paul scoffed, though not at the name mistake. Cain goes on to insist his "targeted profiling" is not the same as racial profiling, but gradually his flub sinks in. "I'm sorry, Blitz, I meant Wolf, okay? Blitz, Wolf... Since we're on a blitz debate, I'll apologize..."

Jon Huntsman and Romney fight over Afghanistan
"Are you suggesting, Governor, that we take all our troops out next week?" Romney asked. "Did you hear what i just said?" Huntsman responded, rather testily. These two good-looking wealthy Mormon ex-governors might have a lot in common, but they don't seem to like each other very much.

Newt Gingrich risks angering conservative voters on immigration
Gingrich came out against breaking up families of illegal immigrants who've been here for decades, which, yes, is considered a major policy shift these days. "I'm prepared to take for saying let's be humane in enforcing the law," Gingrich said.

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