A Photo Album of Obama and Clinton's Asian Tour

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Over the past week, President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have been on a tour of Asia--starting in Honolulu, Hawaii (yes, technically that isn't Asia) and ending with today's East Asia Summit in Indonesia.  Peppered in between serious sessions of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit, meetings with Australia's Prime Minister Julia Gilard, have been some fine photo opportunities, from Clinton getting photobombed to Obama finally wearing a festive shirt.  Here are some of the more colorful moments: 


November 12- Honolulu, Hawaii:  Hillary Gets photo-bombed by a Hawaiian performer in a loincloth:

It turned a dull photo session between Clinton and Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang into laugh riot.  And in case you were wondering how the pictures turned out: 


November 16- Philippines: Hillary Clinton's envoy gets paint-bombed. The Secretary of State was met by some 50 left-wing protesters who "hurled red paint on part of her convoy," reports the AP.  

Not as delightful as Clinton turning into a puddle of laughs for sure. Apparently protesters were upset with "a treaty that allows U.S. troop and ship visits to the country," adds the AP. 

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November 18- Bali, Indonesia:  Obama wears an awesome shirt. It's called a batik. The Atlantic Wire's Adam Martin, who worked in Jakarta was especially pleased to see President Obama in the traditional piece of Indonesian formalwear since he didn't don a batik during his last visit.  "Batik euphoria has washed over Indonesia since the United Nations’ cultural body acknowledged the textile as part of the world’s intangible heritage in October 2009," reports the Jakarta Globe. No doubt the President will add to that euphoria.

Obama is seen here with Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono at the East Asia Summit Gala Dinner. A sweet morsel of fashion justice this is, especially after there were reports that Obama wasn't going to don traditional outfits.  And Hillary looks pretty stunning and vibrant as well:

According to the President's schedule, he's on his way back, but photofans shouldn't get discouraged. The President is planning a Clinton visit to Burma in December, which hopefully for us, means a lot more pictures like the ones above. 

Photos credits: Reuters, AP

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