Perry Thinks His Slurring Speech Went Well

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Asked about the video that got people wondering if Rick Perry was a drunk or has a pill problem, the presidential candidate said, "I felt the message got across very well." Perry also told a New Hampshire banquet that he is feeling pretty good about the whole thing. "This was a a great crowd, good response, and I guess you can do anything you want with a video and make it look any way you want, but it felt good, felt great," according to CBS News.

We are not sure what message he was trying to get across in remarks like these:

This is such a cool state I mean come on, "live free or die"? You know, you gotta love that right? I come from a state, you know, where, um, they had this little place called the Alamo and they declared "victory or death." You know, we're kind of into those slogans, man. It's like "live free or die" "victory or death" "bring it"!

After watching the speech, Democratic consultant Steve McMahon wondered, "Perhaps he had been drinking." Republican presidential adviser Charlie Black said, "Maybe it was back medicine that he had too much of," and Gawker's John Cook called him "jazz-handsy," "lispy," and "even downright Bachmannesque." Given how much fun Perry evidently gave his viewers, we're glad he at least had fun too. 

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