Obama's Numbers Improve in New Polls

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In the world of polls, President Obama is having a great week, basically tying a "Generic Republican" in this morning's Gallup poll, after trailing the amorphous candidate by eight points last month. The bigger question might be: who's to blame for sinking Generic Republican's numbers since the last poll? Herman Cain's skeleton-popping closet? The Perry implosion? Defeats of Republican-backed bills in Ohio, Mississippi and Maine? Either way, the trend continues in swing states where a Quinnipiac poll has him either in a dead heat or leading actual Republican candidates. The Hill reports

But in matchups against Obama in Florida, Romney does the best, leading the president 45 percent to 42 percent, while Obama leads Cain 45 to 41. Obama also holds slim leads over Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry, by margins of 45 to 42 and 46 to 40, respectively.

In Ohio, Obama leads all of his Republican challengers, with Romney the closest by a margin of 45 to 42. The president has double-digit leads over the rest of his Republican rivals in that state, and once again Cain leads the Republican field with 25 percent of the support to Romney’s 20.

And in Pennsylvania, Obama leads Romney 48 to 43, Cain 48 to 38, Gingrich 48 to 38, and Perry 47 to 38. Cain and Romney are tied among Republicans at 17 percent, with Santorum pulling 13 percent in his home state, along with Gingrich.

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