The Obama 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

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The Obama campaign's national finance director Rufus Gifford sent an email on Thursday reminding everyone that "there's nothing better than getting a good deal when you're shopping for the holidays" and urging people to take advatage of a $5 coupon at the Barack Obama 2012 campaign store. In case you're having trouble with your holiday shopping list, we've made a handy gift guide to the wonders on offer.

For the guy who can't remember how many government agencies he wants to cut, there's the Obama 2012 cutting board. That way he can practice for the next time he's asked. $20


For the gal who can't always remember what state she's in, there's this lovely collection of Obama 2012 state pins. Whatever pin she's wearing, that's where she is! (Unless she forgets to change the pin.) $450

For the man who has a smoker in his life, this lovely Obama 2012 dog bowl could double as an ashtray. $10

For the fellow who simply loves sparkly things and is obsessed with balls, there's this fabulous Obama 2012 Christmas tree ornament made with "rodium" (that sounds like a euphemism for something...). This guy probably loves Christmas, too! $40

For the baby in your life, here are some darling Obama 2012 onesies! $20

For the guy who just keeps getting ignored, there is this set of Obama 2012 bangle bracelets that he could jingle or something if he wants to get people's attention. Hey, it's worth a shot, right? $90

For another guy who everyone forgets about because he's barely there, how about this shiny Obama 2012 picture frame. Fittingly, it's empty. $50

For the dude who has nothin' to worry about, here's an Obama 2012 spatula. Yeah, just a spatula. 'Cause whatever. $40

And for everyone else who doesn't want any of the above selections, here's an awesome Biden 2012  "Cheers Champ" beer koozie. It says it's for soda, but Joe's smile tells you it's not. $10

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