Now It's Time to Dash Michele Bachmann's Campaign Hopes

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No one seems more eager to put an end to Michele Bachmann's presidential run than her former campaign manager, Ed Rollins, who continues to undermine the candidate's struggling organization. On Monday, Rollins said Bachmann has "run out of money and ideas" and that her effort in Iowa — previously dubbed a "must win" state — is doomed.

He's not alone. Bradlee Dean, a "hair-metal evangelist" from Bachmann's Minnesota district who is long-time supporter, took her to task on his radio show last week. He criticized her for turning into another say-nothing politician, ending with a cheese analogy and the quotable zinger, "Lady, you stink." Another Tea Party activist, Ned Ryun, has already called for her to throw in the towel before she brings the whole movement down with her.

We're still a couple months away from the first primaries, but the Republican nomination fight is quickly becoming a war of attrition. "Front runner" Herman Cain is besieged by scandal on all sides, former golden boy Rick Perry's faults are being laid bare, and the rest (Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, and Ron Paul) were given no shot from the very beginning. It's not clear how many of them will even make it to that first caucus in Iowa, though most will do their best to hang on at least that long.

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At this point, the GOP's goal continues to be to "make Mitt Romney inevitable" and over the last few days it seems to be working. Today it's Bachmann's turn to take the shots. There's still nine more days until the next full field debate, and that gap is starting to look like an eternity. It might be the last gasp for more than one of the hopeful ... or the best chance to turn the tables and keep that donation money flowing. At this point, for Bachmann at least, it seems to be simply a question of seeing how long she can keep her name in the papers without ticking off everyone who supported her in the first place.

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