Newt Flash: Managing the Work-Life Balance

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With a familiar rise in the polls, comes in a proliferation of Newt news nuggets, so far today we're learning how Gingrich balances his life as a candidate with his work as a self-publisher. Gingrich is working hard to prove he's a serious presidential candidate after a not-so-serious summer, when he spent precious campaign hours in the not-so-swing state of Hawaii. Now he's tripling the number of campaign offices in South Carolina (to three) and meeting with Tea Party leaders, The New York Times' Trip Gabriel reports. But the former House speaker hasn't completely forgotten about the money-making opportunities that arise from running for president. Gingrich has made $150 million from his companies and non-profits since leaving office, the The Washington Post reports; it would be silly to waste his frontrunner publicity. So he now does book promotion after town halls.

  • Cyber Monday Book Sale Gingrich Productions alerted fans Monday morning that they didn't need to go to Amazon to get their "Cyber Monday" deal. Gingrich's A Nation Like No Other (it's not about France) is 20 percent off today.
  • Reassessing Priorities Gabriel reports, "Still, the Gingrich campaign shows signs of putting to rest concerns that his candidacy is little more than a promotional tour. This week, his book-signing appearances are all preceded by town-hall-style meetings."
  • Logging Long Hours After appearing at well-attended campaign events in Florida over the weekend, "He and his wife, Callista, played a round of golf in Naples" Sunday, ABC News reports.
  • Promoting His Showbiz Career In 2006, Gingrich reconnected with the Republican congressional staffer -- and disgraced Whitewater investigator -- he fired, David Bossie, National Review's Robert Costa reports. They both wanted to make conservative films, and Bossie, who heads Citizens United, saw Gingrich as "a potential Rick Steves of the Right -- a sharp, camera-friendly host who could elevate Citizens United with his professorial manner and star power." They made three movies together since then, and though Gingrich hasn't been able to star in any since his campaign launched, "In almost every city he visits, big or small, he and Callista hold movie screenings." Sure, other 2012 candidates have been involved with Citizens United films, but "it’s Gingrich more than anyone who keeps coming back, prodding Bossie to grow and create."
  • Keeping Perspective Gingrich himself seems aware that the odds he wins the Republican nomination are long. The New York Times' Ashley Parker reports this telling joke Gingrich made before a debate in New Hampshire this fall:

Moments before the start of a recent presidential debate at Dartmouth College, Mitt Romney and Herman Cain flung open the doors to their closet-size green rooms and ran into Newt Gingrich. “Oh my God,” Mr. Gingrich marveled. “I’m looking at the ticket right now.”

Then he went in for the kill. “I just don’t know how you’re going to feel about being vice president, Governor Romney,” Mr. Gingrich deadpanned.


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