New Hampshire Will Be Voting on January 10

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After a bit of posturing and a few threats, New Hampshire finally set their "first in the nation" primary date officially to January 10, which settles the schedule for bellwether early voting states. Politico's Reid J. Epstein noted that Bill Gardner, New Hampshire Secretary of State, "made clear it was his intention all along — despite bluffs that he might jump ahead of Iowa into December or schedule the vote on a day other than Tuesday." But at one point it looked uncertain: like when Nevada threaten to move up it's caucus date and Gardner seemed serious about moving the primary date to December 6. But now that the scheduling is resolved, you can plan your schedule accordingly: 

  • January 3: Iowa
  • January 10: New Hampshire
  • January 21: South Carolina
  • January 31: Florida
  • February 4: Nevada

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