The Least Helpful Fan-Made Pro-Cain T-Shirts

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Herman Cain says the people are sticking with him through these terrible allegations of all kinds of sexual misconduct, and if you look at Zazzle, he's right. Cain's fans are with him through thick and thin, even if they don't know how to express themselves very well. Ellen Carmichael, his former press secretary, tweeted the pro-Cain T-shirt pictured above today (she previously alerted us to the fact that many Cain backers were seeking "Honkies for Herman" bumper stickers). While the Zazzle user who created the design goes by "Sarcasm4Cain" the sentiment appears to be earnest: "Sick and tired of all the FALSE allegations against Herman Cain?" reads the product description. And it's far from alone in cheering on Cain with a disconcerting slogan. Here are some of the best worst Cain shirts. 


Liberals Have 3 Tactics










100% Black is Back!









2012 Change (Morphing is typically used to show how a candidate is just like a politician everyone hates.)










On Target with Herman Cain (Maybe being hunted by the media is a good thing?)











Herman Cain Groped Me Too! (Not sure if this is sarcastically pro-Cain, like the T-shirt above, or sincerely anti-Cain.)









Jump on the Cain Train (This illustration could scare small children.)

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