More Bad News for Cain Might Not Matter Much

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Herman Cain's 2012 run could be over before we get to the bottom of the sexual harassment charges. This afternoon the media-hungry Gloria Allred held yet another press conference, this time showcasing a witness who corroborated Sharon Bialek's testimony from last week. "At that party, Mr. Cain engaged both of us in conversation," said Victor Jay Zuckerman, Bialek's ex-boyfriend, contradicting Cain's denial of having ever met Bialek. So far, four women have alleged Cain sexually harassed them. While the evidence against Cain mounts, it might not matter too much, the damage has already been done. Recent polls show waning support for Cain, including a CNN/ORC survey that has Cain with a 44 percent unfavorable rating, higher than any other GOP candidate. 


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