Mitt Romney Has in Fact Tasted Beer

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Mitt Romney brings us today's biggest political non-scandal by admitting to People Magazine that he once tasted beer and tried a cigarette. In excerpts from an interview from the magazine's upcoming issue, the interviewer asks Romney if he's tried beer. He responds:

Never had drinks or tobacco. It’s a religious thing. I tasted a beer and tried a cigarette once, as a wayward teenager, and never did it again.

Romney rather famously abstains from drinking because of his Mormon faith, and this revelation doesn't do a whole lot to damage his reputation as comically straight-laced. ABC News's Michael Falcone is also tweeting other fun facts from the interview, most notably that Romney likes listening to the Killers and plays Angry Birds on his iPad, which he uses while on the treadmill. (Is that a sly attempt to highlight his skill at multi-tasking? If so, we're impressed. It's not easy to walk and fling explosive birds at the same time.) 

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