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This is a Daily Show clip that you don't see often: In appraising the latest GOP debate, Jon Stewart had a few semi-agreeable things to say about the foreign policy remarks of candidates he frequently mocks, Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum. Which is a shocker, as Stewart notes, because of the incendiary things they've said on social issues (i.e. how they've made a mockery of themselves when talking about gay people). But, when he played a short clip of Bachmann's moderate-seeming take on Pakistan, Stewart was surprised: "You know sometimes because of all the crazy s**t that you say, it's easy to forget that you sit on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence so you actually know something about Pakistan." Same thing happened when a Santorum remark was played: "Oh, right, you were on the Senate Armed Services Committee, so you know that Pakistan and Iran are complicated issues." 

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