Jon Huntsman Takes Poke at Mitt Romney with a New Site

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Mitt Romney's ability to remain above the daily fray of campaigning has worked for him so far -- but now, with a new web ad and site, Jon Huntsman hopes that he can turn that strength into a weakness.

The driving idea behind the new Huntsman offensive? To portray the frontrunner as too scared to engage the media. The new, Huntsman-created website, called ScaredMittless2012, features a burlesque of Romney's toothpaste-like logo and includes links to articles that mention the frontrunner's invisibility and failure to take positions on various issues.

The site also provides visitors with a pretty funny video of the former Massachusetts governor taking a jog through the woods, apparently intended to hammer home the notion that he is running away from taking a stand. The whole thing is set to a sunny tune, with whistling. The site also goes heavy on Romney's having avoided sitting for the Sunday talk shows, with a countdown clock claiming he hasn't appeared on one in 609 days.

Outside of the media, though, will anyone care that Mitt has been apparently ducking Chris Berman, et. al.? Huntsman's strategy (he has been kindly profiled in the glossies and takes moderate stands on hot-topic issues via Twitter) hasn't much helped the former Utah governor get out of the lowest tier of polling thus far. But at least it has produced some spot-on parody work by his daughters, who may have a future on Comedy Central.

The website goes live on a day when conservative pundit Erick Erickson has used his RedState platform to dismiss Romney as a GOP nominee and rethink his rejection of Huntsman.

Herewith, the "Scared Mittless" ad, with jogging Romney:

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