Herman Cain's Combating Scandal with Google Ads

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To fight all the bad news out there, Herman Cain has launched an Internet offensive against all the possible voters that might learn bad things about him as they Google his sexual harassment scandal. Anticipating curious Americans would go to Google for more information, the candidate decided to put some of his own news right up top, buying Google ads to go along with what the campaign anticipated would be popular search terms. When searching the terms "Herman Cain harassment," "Herman Cain scandal," and "Cain Sharon Bialek," searchers see an ad for CainTruth.com, a site that denies the claims, reports The Hill's Josh Lederman. This is different than the ads that show up alongside just plain "Herman Cain" searches, which point to the donation form Support Herman Cain. The CainTruth site gives his side of the story instead of all that other stuff that Google search results surface

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