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Update: Speaking to Neil Cavuto, Herman Cain was more specific: "A week from now I will have made a final decision."

Today, Herman Cain seems conflicted about the state of his candidacy: he told CNN that he'll "be making a decision in the next several days" about whether he'll stay in the race yet already pledged to do so on the campaign trail in Ohio. "Several" days isn't a particularly specific timetable, it could mean anywhere from three days to ten days to never. But maybe he's waiting to see how the media spotlight on Ginger White, the woman who is alleging a 13-year affair with him, plays out. Whatever he decides, it would only be the latest wrinkle in his ever-evolving statements since saying he was "reassessing" his campaign on Tuesday. As of now, with Cain's national poll numbers steadily declining, the two people most concerned about the former pizza magnate's final decision may well just be Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich.

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