Gloria Cain Says Her Husband 'Totally Respects Women'

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In her first interview since the sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain resurfaced, his wife Gloria told Fox News' Greta Van Susteren, "I'm thinking he would have to have a split personality to do the things that she said." Those comments from Cain, in the preview video below, appear to be directed at the accusations that Sharon Bialek and her lawyer Gloria Allred leveled at the candidate last week (Cain mentioned "the last woman"). And they're also timed on a day that a new Politico poll shows that Cain is seeing his support actually slip, especially among women. As The Washington Post transcribed, Cain firmly dismissed the accusations:

"To hear such graphic allegations and know that that would have been something that was totally disrespectful of her as a woman and I know that's not the person he is ... He totally respects women."

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