Herman Cain's Other Special Relationships

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We're not sure Herman Cain would like this commenter's newer, sexier version of his foreign policy map. People have had quite a bit of fun with Cain's very-much-not-a-joke map of the world, in which he assigns several countries pithy phrases to describe the U.S. relationship with them. Even before the #OtherHermanCainCountries hashtag got started on Twitter, (with great additions like "Hungary: Not after a Godfather's Large Pizza!") one commenter, Philip Bagley, decided to assign Cain-like epithets to the names of women who have accused him of sexual harassment or infidelity in the past few months. Bagley comments:

My Assessment of Herman's Key Relations

Ginger White - special relationship
Karen Kraushaarr - adversary regime
Sharon Bialek - danger and opportunity
Donna Donella - strategic partner

Media - rival
So congrats, Philip Bagley, for penning our comment of the day.

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