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Journalists, consider yourselves warned. "A bodyguard for presidential candidate Herman Cain got a little physical with a Post reporter at an event in Iowa on Tuesday," The Washington Post's Aaron Blake wrote Tuesday night. The reporter is Blake and he adds, "[T]he bodyguard made it known that he would physically prevent me from asking a question of the GOP presidential candidate, and then started backing into me with his back and shoulder. The incident wasn’t what I would call violent."  But this also isn't the first time Cain's bodyguards have put their hands on a reporter. Just six days ago in Michigan, the New York Times' Ashley Parker noted, "At one point, the mood turned particularly heated when Mr. Cain’s bodyguard touched a female reporter to try to move her out of the candidate’s path." "Please do not touch me, sir!” the reporter said.  And at a stop earlier this month in Virginia, USA Today reported, "At that, his [Cain's] bodyguards began throwing elbows and shoving the reporters and photographers."  Adding, "His campaign's fisticuffs with Washington journalists probably won't do Cain any harm among his supporters in Iowa; in fact, it will probably help. But Cain's loss of control is a reminder of why he's never going to be president, no matter how high he rises in GOP primary polls."

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