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Herman Cain's lawyer says Ginger White, who says she had a 13-year affair with Cain, once asked him for help with her rent and car payments, and "he obliged." Attorney Lin Wood used the detail to suggest that White is lying about the affair and is "motivated by money," reports The Washington Post. It seems easy, though, to interpret the fact as evidence of just the opposite: it seems like the sort of thing a guy would do for a woman with whom he was carrying on an affair. So perhaps Wood  was admitting to the information with his added spin just to get ahead of the story. White didn't mention car payments in her interview yesterday but she certainly wasn't avoiding the impression that Cain spent money on her when she said he flew her around the country and put her up at various Ritz Carlton hotels. Wood also told The Post that Cain will not publicly address the accusations again. (Until the next debate?) He will, however, use fall-out from the latest accusation of infidelity as occasion for "reassessing" his candidacy, so maybe he won't even have to. 

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