Bleeping Blurs Who Exactly Ann Coulter Insulted on Morning Joe

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Update 5:36 p.m.: Ann Coulter helpfully clarifies on Twitter: "I didn't call McCain a douchebag. I said consistency is overrated because, for example, McCain was consistently a dickweed." Congrats, Ann Coulter, you have successfully given this sound bite another 12 hours of life.

Morning Joe was spiked with a few curses from Ann Coulter this morning, though it isn't exactly clear who she called a "douche bag" live on MSNBC this morning. The news network's censors did their best to try and clean up Coulter's off-the-cuff cursing at around 7 a.m. EST (decidedly not primetime), but ended up garbling most of what she had to say about how consistency wasn't that important for GOP presidential candidates. Speaking about Newt Gingrich's steadfast conservatism, Coulter said, according to a video posted by Politico:

COULTER: I don't think consistency is such a great value. I mean, I'd rather have people ... McCain was consistent, he was ... because we have Romney and Gingrich ... What did I say? ... Douche bag?

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Let's just blurt it all out.

COULTER: They got the general drift of that. Consistency is not such a great thing. Especially someone like John McCain who consistently annoyed conservatives, bragged about annoying conservatives.  

Unfortunately, we did not get the general drift of that, robbing us of the satisfaction of knowing who, exactly, Coulter's vitriol was aimed at this time. All the ellipses indicate when MSNBC's censors muted Coulter's mic. But fortunately for us, the very last time she says "douche bag" slipped onto the airwaves. Coulter of course has a history of vulgar remarks, "douche bag" being hardly the most offensive. She's called John Edwards a "faggot," Al Gore a "total fag,"and Bill Clinton a "latent homosexual." Our best guess for the target of her swear this morning is John McCain, since she has a well-documented history of disliking him. Politico and most of the Twitter-verse seems to agree that it was McCain -- though Newt Gingrich, the topic of the conversation, is a possibility, and Mitt Romney was also mentioned once.

Full video from MSNBC below.

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