Bill Clinton Wouldn't Mind a Third Term for Some Theoretical President

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On Tuesday's Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough asked Bill Clinton if a former president should be allowed to serve two terms, take some time off, and then run again. And Clinton responded, "I've always thought that should be the rule."

Good old Bubba.

Making the media rounds to promote his new book, Back to Work (Knopf), Clinton paused before offering this carefully parsed answer in response to Scarborough's headline-bait question (thanks to Politico, for the transcription): "I've always though that should be the rule ... I think as a practical matter, you couldn’t apply this to anyone who has already served, but going forward I personally believe that should be the rule." He did, however, clarify his opinion was "not to affect me."

The tweaking of the rules might hit a little snag, given that it would technically require changing up the Constitution. The term-limit rules, as Scarborough notes, were originally instituted by Republicans after F.D.R. spent three terms in office.

Still, for both Bill and Hillary, the presidential speculation will never cease.

Video of the exchange (via Business Insider) is below:

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