Barney Frank Got Cranky on the Today Show

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In an interview with the usually cheery, softball-question-laden, Today show, Barney Frank got irritated with Savannah Guthrie's questions, calling it "gotcha journalism." "Characteristically Frank", started Guthrie and it all went downhill with that face-palm-inducing pun, as she asked if Frank's resignation signaled a sinking Democrat ship. "I wish we could talk substance sometimes in the media sometimes. I know that’s against ... kind of apparently, the rules," said Frank, who added that the resignation was a personal decision for the 71-year-old. Guthrie continued to prod Frank with Congress' sad approval numbers. "Back to the tone, I mean you do make a fair point about the media. On the other hand, you certainly are known for your sharp and acerbic at times ... tongue. Do you feel any responsibility for your own role for that tone in kind of that tone that we do see in Washington?"  From there it gets a bit more uncomfortable before Guthrie congratulates and wishes him a warm resignation.



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