Weiner's Sexting Partner Publishing the Least Anticipated Scandal Book

The world has moved on, but Traci Noble says there's still more dirt to tell

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When the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal played out over much of June, we learned pretty much everything there was to know (and even stuff there wasn't) about the New York congressman, his family, and his online proclivities. Then New York had an election,  a Republican won his seat, and the whole scandal was, officially, history. But not anymore! One of Weiner's sexting partners, Traci Noble, has written a book that's due out this weekend. It's called I Freinded You (really) and according to the Daily Mail it's appropriately salacious and full of dirt from the deep, dark secrets that Weiner shared with a strange cheerleading coach in eight months of sexy Facebook messages. The Daily Mail, which is the only news outlet that's previewing the book, highlighted some of Weiner's "devastating messages," including the time he called wife Huma Abedin's Muslim family "backwards thinking" and how he thought they didn't accept him because he was Jewish. Weiner's relationship with Abedin's family is, perhaps, the last remaining thing about the whole saga that hasn't been exhaustively covered by the press, and there's a reason for that: Nobody cares. For evidence, just check out the Facebook page promoting I Friended You, which currently has, count 'em, 12 likes.

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