Scott Brown's Website Plagiarizes Elizabeth Dole

A liberal research organization noted Dole's words in Brown's autobiography

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If you were suspicious that Scott Brown's website seemed a bit recycled, well, consider the hunch justified. It looks like someone did an egregiously sloppy job building Sen. Scott Brown's official site. Liberal research organization American Bridge 21st Century flagged plagiarism showing that a paragraph of the Massachusetts Senator's autobiographical information (about his moral compass, ironically) was lifted verbatim from former North Carolina Sen. Elizabeth Dole. The paragraphs are the same, here's Brown's version:

"I was raised to believe that there are no limits to individual achievement and no excuses to justify indifference. From an early age, I was taught that success is measured not in material accumulations, but in service to others. I was encouraged to join causes larger than myself, to pursue positive change through a sense of mission, and to stand up for what I believe."

When The Boston Globe got in touch with the Senator's spokesperson, John Donnelly, he conceded that the Brown campaign had used Dole's website, but said it was a matter of forgetting to rewrite Dole's sentiment. Which doesn't seem like a flattering way to frame the situation:

"Senator Dole's website served as one of the models for Senator Brown's website when he first took office. During construction of the site, the content on this particular page was inadvertently transferred without being rewritten," Donnelly said. "It was a staff level oversight which we regret and is being corrected."

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