Scott Brown Edges Elizabeth Warren in New Poll

The latest measure of a tight Massachusetts Senate race has the incumbent up 41-38

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When we last checked in with now-Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts she was making decent strides in her effort to unseat incumbent Scott Brown and reclaim the seat Teddy Kennedy once held. Today, a UMass Lowell-Boston Herald Poll, finds the closely watched race has already become almost even: Brown is now edging out Warren by a margin of 41 to 38 percent. Which is an improvement for Warren, especially since 37 percent of all poll respondents still haven't heard of the Harvard Law professor. And according to the poll, Warren outpaces the five other competitors in the Democratic primary field by a large margin, garnering 36 percent of all support "while the rest of the field doesn't even crack 5 percent." Which must be encouraging news to hear on the eve of the first primary debate.

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