Sarah Palin Asked Herself: 'Politically Speaking, Will I Die?'

Based on the reactions she got on Fox News this morning, the answer may be yes

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It was deservedly overshadowed last night, but Sarah Palin's interview with Greta Van Susteren explaining why she chose not to run for president had the non-candidate sharing one candid worry: whether her political influence would be effectively over. Even though Palin mostly shared her still nonsensical "I can do more good without a title" reasoning, there was this moment:

You know, there was that sense through my own personal internal deliberations in making this decision. I would go back and forth about whether now is the time, and if I say no to the opportunity that's in front of me via running for office now, will -- politically speaking, will I die? Will I be ineffective?

But no, after making the decision today....

...and then she goes on to explain what we've heard before, which probably amounts to that she'll be very active with SarahPAC and post a lot of her opinions on Facebook. Below is the video, and the relevant part begins at around 3:00:

Judging by the mockery Palin faced this morning on Fox & Friends, as noticed by Politico's Alexander Burns, the answer to Palin's question is yes, at least on the network that pays her to be a commentator but she decided to pass over for her big announcement.

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