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After President Barack Obama's jobs bill died in the Senate on Tuesday, Republicans on Thursday unveiled their own plan, which they had been teasing after Obama's bill sunk. The Los Angeles Times called the plan "a greatest hits of Republican economic proposals," and that seems like a good one-liner to describe the multitude of familiar tactics under the umbrella bill: It includes calls for lower taxes, a constitutional amendment to balance the budget (remember the debt ceiling plan?), a repeal of Obama's healthcare reforms, and a move to block the EPA from regulating greenhouse gas. If the plan seems like a collection of Republican pet issues, that's because it kind of is. "We just thought it was time to put this all into a package. I will freely admit to you that part of it is in response to the president saying we don’t have a proposal," John McCain, the Republican senator from Arizona, said during the unveiling, according to the Times. Obama said earlier on Thursday he hadn't seen any plan from the Republican party that would create as many jobs as his. The way the Times reports it, the bill is mostly symbolic. "Most of the initiatives [in the GOP plan] have already been written into legislation, but Republicans said they needed to present a counter-message to the White House."

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