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At a campaign event in Detroit, Herman Cain amended is "9-9-9 Plan" by scratching off one of its 9's for the poorest Americans, the press is reporting. In case you haven't heard, Cain's signature proposal in his bid for the Republican nomination is his easy-to-grasp tax code under which the corporate income tax, personal income tax, and national sales tax are all set at 9 percent. Since being put into the spotlight as a GOP frontrunner, though, that plan has come under pretty harsh scrutiny--and today Cain responds.

"I know that you’ve heard a lot of disinformation about 9-9-9. Don’t believe it. Look it up for yourself," Cain tells an audience in Detroit, Talking Points Memo reports. He goes on, though, to tweak his plan: "If you are at or below the poverty level, you’re plan isn’t 9-9-9 ... It’s 9-0-9," suggesting that personal income taxes wouldn't be levied on the poor if Cain became president. He also called for the creation of special tax "opportunity zones," under which "low-income, high-unemployment areas like Detroit could apply to become one of these zones, and if the federal government selected them, residents and businesses in these areas would get special tax deductions and pay lower taxes than the nine percent rates Cain has proposed on income, businesses and sales," The Washington Post reports. However, The Post says that neither Cain himself at the event nor his website offered further details on the zones yet. Perhaps the heat in the spotlight finally got to him. "It never felt so good being shot at," Cain said as he explained the new exceptions, according to the AP report.

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