Obama Had Words with Fox News's Ed Henry

The President accuses the journalist of being "a spokesman for Mitt Romney"

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While answering questions at a press conference today, President Obama got a quick jab in at Fox News reporter Ed Henry's expense. Henry asked Obama about his first response to the allegations that Iran plotted a terrorist attack on U.S. soil, and read Obama an old quote from Mitt Romney criticizing the president's foreign policy. Before answering Henry, Obama replied, "The uh -- well I didn't know that you were the spokesperson for Mitt Romney, but let me just talk about the plot in particular..."

Henry defended himself later on Megyn Kelly's Fox News show. "I was trying to put it in the broader context of not just Mitt Romney, but there are a lot of Republicans out there who would charge that this president leads from behind," he said. "Instead, he decided to go after me a little bit."

Watch the exchange below:

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