Nothing Final from Christie on a Presidential Run

The whiplash hype cycle will be reportedly ending "within days"

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Last week, a certain New Jersey governor seemed to have such a good time speaking at the Ronald Reagan library that he entertained the idea of "seriously considering" a presidential bid with a decision coming "as soon as Monday," according to the New York Post. On Sunday night, however, Politico spoke with sources close to Chris Christie and concluded "it's likelier than not that he stays out of the 2012 race." For his part, ABC News's Jonathan Karl reported late on Sunday night, "I have been told to expect his decision within days--but nothing more specific than that." Both outlets mentioned that Christie was huddling with his family to make the call. At this point, if there is a decision made "within days" and that decision is "no," will Christie hold a press conference to say that again for the thousandth time? Or will he just let the filing deadlines for the early primary states just quietly pass?

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