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Intrepid-Washington Post reporter Ned Martel asked costume store owners and pollsters alike, and discovered that no one wants to dress up like Sarah Palin this year, perhaps the most festive sign that her political star is fading. But never fear, Ms. Palin, politician costumes in general are kind of on the outs. Martel reports:

"This has been a very dead year as far as political stuff goes," said Sandra Duraes, manager of Backstage, the Capitol Hill emporium. "We really don’t have Sarah Palin. Nobody's asking for her." Duraes spoke wistfully of 2008, when the Alaska governor burst onto the political scene just in time for Halloween celebrants to embrace her red suit, updo and spectacles.

And to back it up, he's got national polls! 

In 2011, however, the political gloom lies too heavily across the land, according to Ron Faucheux, a local pollster who surveyed 1,000 Americans and found that they would rather dress as Lady Gaga or the Geico Caveman than Palin or President Obama. 

Martel says Arnold Schwarzenegger is still slightly popular, boosted by his own sex scandal this year, but in general, the trend goes toward music stars, not political ones. The Atlantic Wire's own intrepid reporting (and Google) reveal, however, that the two biggest costumes this year will be Angry Birds and Black Swan. We're on board with Angry Birds, but didn't Will Forte's character dress up as Black Swan for last year's "30 Rock" Halloween episode? That means a Black Swan costume this year would be as passé as... well, a Sarah Palin costume.

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