Less Than Half of America Knows What GOP Stands For

"God's Own Party"? "Grumpy Old People"? Survey finds Americans stumped

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To be fair to America's collective intellect, maybe a few people couldn't pass up the opportunity to say that GOP stood for "Grumpy Old People," "God's Own Party," or "Gauntlet of Power" when queried by a 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair pollster in a newly released poll. Those options were a more than a little amusing. But--as Political Wire flagged this morning--for whatever reason, 45 percent of a representative sample of America answered that the Republican acronym GOP stood for the enthusiastic title "Grand Old Party." Surprisingly, only 51 percent of self-identified Republicans knew what the name stood for. And despite multiple humorous choices, it looks like the boring "Government of the People" tricked (?) the most respondents, 35 percent of whom thought that definition was the correct meaning of GOP.

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