Jon Huntsman's Campaign Is Nearly Broke

CNN reports that the candidate has spent $4.18 million of his original $4.51 million warchest

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After some back-of-the-napkin math, it looks like Jon Huntsman's presidential campaign is running out of money. A staffer told CNN on Friday that Huntsman has burned through $4.18 million of the of the $4.51 million he started out with, including the $2.25 million he personally contributed to the campaign. It's unclear how much he's raised in the meantime, but it's a far cry from the $15 million that Rick Perry and Mitt Romney reportedly have in the bank. The former Utah governor's camp remains optimistic nevertheless. "Our campaign has re-organized to become more nimble with a focus on success in New Hampshire and our fundraising this first two weeks of this quarter has reflected that," Hunstman spokesperson Tim Miller told CNN.

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