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Jon Huntsman's three daughters Liddy, Abby, and Mary Anne put together a pretty spot-on mockery of the Cain ad that had heads scratching circling around earlier this weekDebuted on their official Twitter feed about a half an hour ago, the ad latches on to every absurd detail of Cain's much questioned YouTube video. The women even pay homage to the cigarette Cain's chief-of-staff Mark Block smokes in the last frame. It's funny, in a YouTube parody sort of way, until you start thinking that this is basically a real live ad for the Jon Huntsman campaign, meaning it's unironic irony? Watch the magic below while our heads stop spinning:

The video's an all in one platform for their Dad's campaign, their personal brand and of course, a jab at Huntsman's competitor. The Huntsman daughters have been pretty visible in their daddy's campaign. They've used their Twitter feed to cheerlead Hunstman 2012 and this isn't the first time the daughters have stepped to bat for their dad, jabbing a competitor. Two weeks ago, they mocked Romney's China cred. "How does Romney know anything about China?" they Tweeted. "Panda Express doesn't count." Feel the burn of spiteful girls, gentlemen. 

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