Huntsman Daughters Follow in Meghan McCain's Footsteps

Jon Huntsman's daughters are trying really, really hard to get famous before their dad's single-digits-in-the-polls campaign comes to an end. 

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Jon Huntsman's daughters are trying really, really hard to get famous before their dad's single-digits-in-the-polls campaign comes to an end. Meghan McCain, the heiress offspring of John McCain who once tweeted a photo of her cleavage and wrote an entire Daily Beast column saying she was shocked by the omg-boobs frenzy that followed, has shown the way. Her dad is still an Arizona Senator"After all, it’s not like I was caught making a sex tape," McCain wrote. Attention, rich girls of the world! There is another path to stardom beyond the one blazed by Paris Hilton: be the shameless mascot of an underdog presidential campaign.

McCain has offered the Huntsman daughters a career path. In 2008, she blogged as McCainBlogette -- except while she was briefly fired from the campaign -- and soon after her dad lost, she was hired on as a columnist for The Daily Beast, where she begged America to just stop talking about her body. Repeatedly. Her greatest hits include, "Don't Call Me a Slut" (about that boob photo), "Stop the Fat Jokes," "Quit Talking About My Weight, Laura Ingraham," "Shut Up About My Body, Glenn Beck," "Yes, I Wear Fake Hair," and "America's Boob Police."
And now look where she is. She tweets a blurry photo of herself at Occupy Wall Street and it's immediately posted on Gawker. Her observations about the protests, no matter how banal (It smells like weed!), are picked up by Politico, the Hollywood Reporter, the New York Observer, Gothamist. She not only got to interview Donald Trump -- when she asked him for a job in the middle of it, he said probably! And then there's the parties. She published a book, Dirty Sexy Politics, and her writing on the subject is so authoritative she's the only source cited for 194 pages straight. In 2009, McCain was going to lowly Lifetime network red carpets. But this year alone, she's sashayed down the red carpets of the White House Correspondents Dinner, the Time 100 Gala, Bravo's New Year's party, some USA Network event with Forest Whitaker. How could Huntsman's daughters not envy her?
But McCain had a whole primary and general election campaign to make a name for herself. Huntman's daughters are less likely to have that chance, given that their dad is in last place in many polls. So Abby, Liddy, and Mary Anne have to move at an accelerated pace. Not long after Wonkette posted a photo of Liddy under the headline, "Possible Glamorous Daughter of GOP Candidate Discovered" in May, the trio created a joint Twitter account titled, somewhat creepily, Jon2012girls. (Sample tweet: "To break all your hearts, the only girl married is Abby (the brunette one).") They've inspired a definitely creepily named Twitter account Jon2012boys, who are three dudes begging to be the candidate's future "son-in-laws." (Sample: "Watching @GovernorPerry talk is as awkward as a first kiss. Speaking of a first kiss, what do you say @Jon2012girls?") A nod to certain realities of modern fame, they post a lot of photos of themselves, like with Stephen Colbert:
Or dorky jokes, like, "We'll officially 'beheading' to the Granite state this weekend!"
Or this totally-not-creepy interaction with a voter: "Best part of campaign life is making new friends. Liddy just woke up to this nice man holding her hand on the plane."
Then there's this: "Whooooo do you think will win this weeks debate? #hoothoot"
They've been on Fox News a couple times, and talked about their prolific tweeting. On Friday, the trio posted a weird video response to the weird Herman Cain ad featuring his campaign manager smoking.
That follows Thursday's post by Business Insider's Michael Brendan Dougherty titled, "Never Before Seen Cell Phone Pics Of Jon Huntsman's World Famous Daughters." Abby had turned over her phone to the reporter. She also talked about Meghan McCain. "She's a friend of ours. She is a great girl," Abby said of the 27-year-old. She continued:
I really respect the fact that she used her blog in the last campaign to reach our age group. People can say what they want, but she was the first to use technology to get people interested especially our generation. Twitter is a different approach but this is definitely a whole different idea. She's a great girl and a good friend. But we didn't look at her and say we wanted to do something similar.
It's true they're not too similar -- these women are much wittier than McCain. Still, don't be skittish, girls! If they work hard enough, Huntsman's daughters can be real pundits like McCain, who isn't forced to talk about "the size of my ass (still a size 10, for those of you who are keeping score)" anymore. She's a real-live political analyst now. She told Don Imus this week that Newt Gingrich's campaign "is obviously some sort of vanity project." Gingrich fired back, "How would she have a clue?" Come on, Newt, it's obvious! Takes one to know one.
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