Herman Cain Is Not a Huge Joke in New Polls

After last night's debates, his numbers are up

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Today in polling: Herman Cain is less of a joke than everyone thought. After last night's debate, Public Policy Polling released numbers that had Cain leading with 30 percent, 8 points ahead of Mitt Romney. PPP gets knocked in some circles for its used of automated calls and its Democratic leanings. But its numbers are only slightly off from the latest Reuters/Ipsos poll, which has Romney leading with 23 percent, and Cain is close behind at 19 percent, leaping up from 7 percent four months ago. While Cain's performance  was booed roundly by pundits of every political stripe, it's Republican primary voters who will choose the nominee. And so far, they've proved to be quite the fickle bunch.

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