Government Will Be Funded for Six More Weeks

The House has passed another short-term budget measure, averting another shutdown

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Working under a midnight deadline, the House passed a Senate-approved short-term spending bill on Tuesday by a lopsided vote of 352-66 and sent it to Preisdent Obama for his signature, after only minutes of debate. The bill will fund the government until November 18 and give Congress and Obama more time to figure out how to pass 12 annual spending bills. The AP explains that while Congress and Obama agree on an overall $1 trillion budget for the government, they're divided about how to allocate discretionary spending to reach that goal. "Republicans are pressing big cuts to foreign aid and to preserve some budget gains for the Pentagon," the news agency explains, while "Democrats and Obama want more money for domestic programs like job training and heating subsidies for the poor." Rest assured, with a mere six-week extension, you'll hardly notice a lull in dramatic headlines about an imminent government shutdown.

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