Formerly Imprisoned Politician Explains Prison Sex

Missouri ex-con Jeff Smith goes into detail on what guests at a party were too afraid to ask

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A Missouri state senator who spent a year in federal prison for breaking election laws in 2004 has an account on The Recovering Politician blog all about what his fellow attendees at a Brooklyn cocktail party were too afraid to ask: prison sex. Jeff Smith says he didn't see any acts of rape, but sex was never very far from anyone's mind, apparently:

As you might imagine, things can get pretty nasty when several hundred guys are confined in a small area without the benefit of female interaction, other than a pair of (arguably) female prison administrators. Outside muscle-building substances, pornography was perhaps the most prized possession on the compound.

Click over to Smith's blog for the more logistical details, including a device known as a "gunslinger" that involved a toilet paper roll, some kind of lubricant, and a string.

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