Final Thoughts

Here we have a clip of some guy talking to Chris Hayes last night re: Niggerhead. Chris was very complimentary towards me in the intro. Because of time, I couldn't really communicate my own love and respect for Chris's own writing. He's making himself into a hell of a broadcaster. But no one should forget that he is hell of a writer. His piece on Obama's "pragmatism" is definitive.

Also one last letter on the subject. Throughout the week I've insisted that there isn't as much to be learned about Perry, individually, as there is about the people who see no big deal in any of this.

To wit:

Your ignorance is almost outweighed by your lack of integrity. To suggest that an entire group of Americans has no use for another and that homogeneity of thought is set on exclusion of others is not only inaccurate but disingenuous in it's deception and lack of factual basis. 

The disadvantaged in this country all have myriad reasons contributing to their respective status and welfare. Keeping the disadvantaged competing for handouts and perceived benefit is far more racist in it's application because it obfuscates the reasons for being disadvantaged and purports that the suggested alternative is actively engaged in preventing participation. That is not only not true but racist and ignorant. 

Blacks are not no longer disadvantages solely and purely for being black, but for others reasons to include longstanding cultural racism, inequality over time, educational achievement, and others including familial and cultural issues. To suggest that one party, conservative policies, or republican leadership has no place, no value, nor want to include others forces the proposed alternative as the only acceptable narrative, when repeated ad infinitum, depsite being replete with disinformation. 

Unfortunately that narrative is one of handouts, subsidies, and mechanisms to prevent the very freedom and success that would make one question the merits of such handouts. Those who keep a false narrative of Fairness and Equality via outside governance as the only alternative forget that individual achievement and charity are the basis for our societal success as a nation.

To obfuscate others message and intent as a means of garnering support is disingenuous and becomes racist in it's application. In convincing people of an entitlement based narrative you contribute to the collective sloth and reticence to compete that keeps people looking for even more handouts. 

You speak of race and politics and exclusion, yet, your disingenuous partisan rhetoric does as great a disservice to the disadvantaged as actual direct hinderance. Your ignorance and politics of disillusionment takes away hope for achievement and replaces it with hope for assistance. You are the racist and it is you and this repetitive entitlement ignorance that will forever keep the disadvantaged looking for handouts instead of the path forward.

The interesting thing about this note is I wrote the guy back and asked him what he was specifically referring to. As it was written it just looked a kind of form letter which you could send to basically anybody who believes that racism against white conservatives might be a tad overrated. A response:

Perhaps then you might think about quality over quantity for if you have no Idea to which piece I am referring then you further denigrate yourself, your professional standards, and illuminate you lack of journalistic integrity and gross partisan intent . 

If persons such as yourself were less concerned with being persuasive and more concerned with being forthright and honest you might enlighten and further the conversation rather than to simply be another ignorant mouthpiece repeating a false narrative so many times that you hope it becomes accepted as truth. 

Persons like yourself do more to keep blacks disadvantaged by feeding them false narratives that purports to say that the GOP is exclusionary and contrarian to the interests of a whole race or class of people. It is you then who becomes the racist in propagating this lack of choice and therefore refusal to seek knowledge. By forcing the conclusion and then adding your select examples you obfuscate the real message and opportunity that is presented by an-others view. 

By your false narrative you dissuade people from looking at each others mutual best interests and keep people ignorant. You are a purveyor of institutional racism and your disingenuous writing keeps people from searching for truth as you supplant falsehoods and incomplete information in order to suppor tuyou intended political outcome. 

I hope you enjoy your responsibility for keeping people uneducated, disadvantaged, and for the Black population being led into continued dominance by a party that would have them under control and on handouts than risk real prosperity and loss of control. 

 You are the new slave master and you should be held responsible for holding people down, preventing opportunity, and creating a lowest common denominator ideal rather than a reach for the starts culture. I hope you enjoy leveraging your own success on the backs of others whom you purport to want to help. Just look at what the democratic party has done to the black community. Success?? I think not... Dependance Pure dependance

I don't really get much hate-mail--I don't even know if this qualifies. I get the occasional, "Hey look it's an Affirmative-Action hire!" but generally people that write me disagreement are calm, polite, and sober-minded. So I don't want people to think that this is what all the opposition looks like.

Unfortunately, on a subject like this, this is exactly what the opposition looks like. A few people argued yesterday that to call a white person a racist is the worst thing you can ever say about them. I argued that I could think of plenty of worst things--child molester, rapist, mass murderer etc. As I said in comments, Lester Maddox and the Green River Killer aren't the same person.

The response was basically, "Yes, but I know I'm not a child molester" or "I don't really believe there's much chance of me being accused of child molestation." I think this gets at a few things:
1.) That we like to think racism only lives in the hearts of evil people.

2.) That the prospect of racism living in the hearts of good people, of decent people, is rather terrifying.

3.) That deep down we know it lurks in the hearts of us all.

4.) And that it lurks in an especially powerful way, in the hearts of those conditioned by the very air to believe in their superiority. God forbid it ever be exposed.

This is how you get people sending out objectively racist e-mails, or wondering why Obama isn't President Shaft, or denouncing him as an "inadequate black male," or claiming that both Obama and Jesse Jackson are thoroughly advantaged, and then turning around and insisting that they aren't actually racist.

Again,  Jane Austen:

The power of disappointing them, it was true, must always be hers. But that was not enough: for when people are determined on a mode of conduct which they know to be wrong, they feel injured by the expectation of anything better from them.

History is quite the burden. I am sorry about that. But this is the work before us.

This thread will be open till around 11 AM. Then I'm going to write. I'll re-open in the afternoon