Cornel West Won't Face Charges After His Occupy DC Arrest

The activist professor was arrested at the Supreme Court on Sunday with 18 others

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Cornel West won't face charges after being arrested on Sunday while protesting at the Supreme Court, the AP is reporting. West had given a speech to Occupy DC protesters prior to his arrest, which came on the same day that President Obama, a frequent target for West, dedicated the Martin Luther King Memorial, and then a group of about 200 marchers headed for the Supreme Court where West and 18 others were arrested, reports Politico. Ann Wilcox, the attorney representing the group that was arrested, told Politico the arraignment was related to "violation of Title 40 of the U.S. Code – demonstrating in the Supreme Court building or its grounds ... Sometimes they hold people to send a message to a group of people, and that’s certainly possible in this case," Wilcox said in reference to West and his group being detained overnight. "To hold everyone in the group and to hold Dr. West – it is a little unusual."

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